Menai District Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, Illawong NSW 2234

Approximately 80% of the population will experience back pain or neck pain at some stage of their life. Pain is such a stimulus that it can actually ‘switch off’ some of the deep postural muscles in the neck and back. This can happen within 48 hours after the onset of pain. These muscles are postural muscles that provide support to the bones (and discs) of the lower back and neck when you move around. As the loss in muscle control is often persistent even when the pain subsides, neck and back pain can become recurrent or chronic.
At Menai District Physiotherapy we understand the research. In addition to treating and managing your pain and restoring your mobility, we will identify the root cause of your pain and prescribe specific exercises tailored to your problem.  This will give you the best possible outcome!
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