Menai District Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, Illawong NSW 2234

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach in diagnosing, treating and preventing disorders of human movement. We aim to improve the quality of life and wellbeing in all those that we treat. The physiotherapist profession is underpinned by strong evidence-based, meaning that our knowledge, skills and treatment approaches are all backed by the latest in research. This results in the best for our clientèle.

What should I expect at Menai District Physiotherapy?

At Menai District Physiotherapy, we believe in managing your symptoms of pain and discomfort. We combine this with early active management using exercise as therapy. We also love looking at the whole you as there are usually many factors contributing to your pain (especially if it is recurrent or has been there for a long time). At Menai District Physiotherapy, we focus on not only getting rid of your pain, but also on identifying the underlying drivers. To obtain lasting freedom from your pain, we are trained to not only treat the area you have pain but identify potential weaknesses in other areas and to address them. Your treatment program will include exercises and therapeutic techniques to correct the underlying drivers. To make sure you stay on track, we teach you management strategies at home and offer regular follow up consultations to make sure the risk factors that we eliminated are not starting to creep back.

What will my first session involve?

At Menai District Physiotherapy, our physios strive to work with you to provide a fast, effective and lasting solution to your problems. On your first visit, we will establish an accurate diagnosis and develop an ‘action plan’. This will be done with input from yourself in the decision making to ensure that we are addressing your most important concerns. All physio treatment provided is evidence-based care and will usually include:

No ongoing treatment without results

A solution to your condition will be found rapidly. We do not continue treatment without results. If results are not being achieved within the expected timeframe, we can provide a complimentary second opinion with another of our physiotherapists at your request.

An integrated approach

We may combine physiotherapy with any number of our other services to get the best result. We also work with a wide range of partners including sports doctors and orthopaedic specialists. Sometimes we may refer you to other health practitioners outside the scope of our clinical services. In the end your treatment is always about you – delivering the best treatment to get the best result.

Our ‘Best Practice’ policy

We run intensive internal & external clinical development programs as part of our ‘best practice’ policy. This ensures that our physiotherapists are up to date with current research and ‘best practice’ in injury management. This ensures that you get the best care always.