Pregnancy classes

Pilates during pregnancy is a safe, challenging experience that will help strengthen your body and mind for your birth experience and assist in a quicker recovery. All our classes are designed and run by physiotherapists with you and your baby in mind.

All pregnancy Pilates programs begin with an initial one-on-one assessment and workshop where we discuss any past history or pregnancy-related issues you may be experiencing. We will also determine your own personal goals for labour and after the arrival of your baby.

A thorough but gentle physical assessment will be carried out to determine any postural weaknesses and pelvic floor issues. Following this a workshop will be conducted where our physiotherapists will ensure that you have optimal activation of your central core muscles and pelvic floor.

Medical clearance from your GP or Obstetrician is compulsory before commencing the pregnancy Pilates classes.

Post-natal classes

Post-natal pregnancy Pilates classes begin with an initial one-on-one assessment to determine the outcomes of your labour and to determine any pain or difficulties with your back and pelvic floor since the birth of your baby. A thorough but gentle physical assessment will be carried out to determine any potential barriers or weaknesses before commencing the class. Following this a workshop will also be conducted. Medical clearance is again compulsory before commencing this program.

Your assessment will cost $130 for both the assessment and workshop and all classes are $24 if prepaid for the term.
Yes, as these pregnancy Pilates classes are taught by a Physiotherapist, most private health funds will pay a rebate for each of your classes. Check with your fund for eligibility and amount rebated.

Our pregnancy Pilates classes will be gentle, informative and fun. The exercises will help you to discover and strengthen the pelvic floor and other deep pelvic muscles to assist you in your changing postures (and bladders) during and after your pregnancy. Stretching and gentle mobility exercises will help the wellbeing for you and your baby. The positions during the classes will be individualised to suit your needs and comfort as your body changes during pregnancy.

Exercises in lying, sitting and standing postures will be included. Equipment such as resistance therabands and swiss balls will assist in progressing your exercises safely and effectively. Each week your exercises will be progressed into new positions that are more challenging for you. You will be closely supervised by a physiotherapist who will help you to improve your technique and posture.

All our classes our taught by qualified physiotherapists. Our physiotherapists have knowledge of therapeutic exercise for pregnancy.
There are never more than seven participants in a Pilates class.
Something flexible and comfortable.
Yourselves. All mats, water and other equipment needed in your classes will be provided.
Our Pilates classes are safe to begin as soon as you know you are pregnant, or wishing to become so. Any concerns will be highlighted as a medical clearance from your Doctor is compulsory. Bring this completed form to your assessment with the Physiotherapist. The sooner you commence a program, the better prepared your body and pelvic floor muscles will be for your changing body shape, pelvis, spine and pelvic floor.
Obstetricians will differ widely in their recommendations here, so again, medical clearance is compulsory. It is suggested that gentle pelvic floor exercises and stretches can commence from a very early point after labour, but with each different labour outcome (for instance pelvic floor trauma, caesarean sections), there may be a need for some recovery time. We would recommend starting a Pilates program 6 weeks post-labour.

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